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Ideal Comics Jam Nov 11 2018

By Mathew D. Rhys

Hello, Internet, and Happy Wednesday! It is a pretty big-deal kind of a day at the IC home office, and we woke to the first winter snow-fall! Of course, we knew that going in, as the snow Started falling while we were Recording our weekly “Ideal Comics Jam,” our weekly staff meeting! We, in one …

New “Forces” Story Drops!

By Mathew D. Rhys

We are super excited to share or newest story in the epic that is Forces of Good and Evil. It is the final part of “Plain History” where Chad discovers his mom’s past as a costumed hero in the 1970’s and ’80’s. Part Three: “Panic! At the RenFaire” follows as Chad and some of his …

2nd Annual High Plains MiniCon is Coming Your Way

By Mathew D. Rhys

Ideal Comics Faithful! Here is a special thanks coming from the Home Office to you our there in Internet-Land.  I can offer no excuses for our blog-reticence, but we have been plugging along in secret, getting ready for more comic goodness! But forget all of that! Next weekend, we, along with the Monument Mall and …

Buckskin Boone

By Mathew D. Rhys

Buckskin Boone was born in in the middle of a tornado out in the barren Wyoming prairie, the scion of the Boones of St Charles Co. Missouri and old Kentucky, and from stout Welsh and Cornish stock. Raised largely off the grid, Boone spent his youth hunting jack rabbits and coyotes; and running with antelope …

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