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Ideal Comics Update–Labor Day Edition.

By Mathew D. Rhys

Hello, Internet! Things have been wild and reeling around the old IC offices! Two weekends ago we had a great time selling comics and meeting folks at the Fort Collins Comics Convention! Between running into folks we met in Cheyenne, or meeting new folks from the Front Range Comics scene, to connecting with fans (who …

Golden Rapid

By Mathew D. Rhys

It was the year 1939, and war had again come to Europe as Germany flexed it’s muscles and Hitler lead his people into his increasingly totalitarian and racist dream. Across the World, much of America stood on the knife’s edge between a fragile recovery and poverty, between law and crime, between peace and violence. Into …

Zing 2! Out now! And FoCo ComicCon on the Horizon!

By Mathew D. Rhys

As you might have guessed from the photo to the right, the long awaited Zing #2 is finally done! With a Con exclusive printing and a special low price, Zing #2 will be for sale at this weekend’s Fort Collins ComicCon We will have a sweet booth in the perimeter (slot I6) and we would …

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