Advertising/News Room

Here you will find information on some of the more boring company stuff, including press releases and advertising information. For more information on any of this, please contact us at


At Ideal Comics, we don't get a heck of a lot of traffic at the moment. I know, I know: that's a fantastic sales pitch. What we do have to offer, however, is hardcore comic book fans that love the industry. Plus, with lower traffic numbers, we can offer you a fantastic price. Email us at the address above for a packet that contains details and information on the available space and packaging plans for here on the website.

Press Releases

While we do focus a lot of our energy on this website, we remain a comic book company with plenty to announce, such as new books, and stories, and artists, and writers, and other stuff. Cataloged here are important press releases regarding company information. Feel free to email us with any additional questions you have or to set up an interview. We love to talk, and we would love to talk to you.