New “Forces” Story Drops!

We are super excited to share or newest story in the epic that is Forces of Good and Evil. It is the final part of "Plain History" where Chad discovers his mom's past as a costumed hero in the 1970's and '80's. Part Three: "Panic! At the RenFaire" follows as Chad and some of his classmates are called to a special competition for extra hero-school credit! We are pleased to be able to borrow some of Splice's characters from his very-fun-if-incomplete webcomics Broccoli Top. It is going to give us some real neat opportunities! So, click a link and follow along with this next great chapter!

Throwback Thursday–National Villainy

2011-04-01-National Villainy Cover_ Rolf_rhysIt is another Throwback Thursday, and we at Ideal Comics want to share another new cover for an old story. This, our 22nd story, is a novella-sized, Greg-centric epic; and follows Nerd-and-friends on a cross-country trip to the  Fremont City, CO where all manner of chaos erupts! Ideal Comics is proud to re-present "National Villainy!" This cover features a multi-media collaboration between Rolf Gerdau and Mathew D. Rhys; while the interior art was done by Rhys, Chris Lawton, Barry Tetz and Joseph Carradine. It's an extravaganza, folks!

Throwback Thursday–Gym Class

2006-05-26-Gym ClassYou might have noticed that things have been a little slow over on Forces of Good and Evil. While there are reasons (and if you were following us there, you'd already know that!),  we at Ideal Comics still want to share as many goodies with you as we can! So on this #ThrowbackThursday, let's call back to our second Chad-centric story--complete with a brand new cover from young artist "Michael Van Reese". We are proud to re-present "Gym Class: Hijinks and Hi-jacks!"

Extra! Extra! Ideal Comics News for you!

20090728_LL_14thSt_Newsboy-039Hello, Internet!  We here at the Scottsbluff offices of Ideal Comics are fresh from the floor of the Cheyenne Comic Con. It was a real great time as we spent three days talking about comics and handing our free Ideal Comics coloring books. Free, you ask? Yep, super free. Because that is how we roll. We decided on an experiment: mini-coloring book of eight pages featuring brand-new adventures of our Golden Age stalwarts Al Djinn and Night Terror--complete 'Golden Age' style stories in eight pictures. We had a lot of great feedback on both the coloring books and the company as a whole, and it really made us take a step back and reassess our position. Since we released our first anthology Zing Comics #1 in 2007, a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Life has moved on, and we have just been bobbing along. Well, this summer going to be the Summer of Ideal Comics. We have plans to redouble our efforts to finish the long awaited Zing Comics #2 as well as finish the Special Edition of Zing Comics #1 (and digital editions of both). As things move on with these projects, we have a few more projects to announce in coming months, so stay tuned. But with every step forward you run the risk of loss. We have decided to change our update schedule for our web-comic Forces of Good and Evil from twice weekly to every Friday. We are super pleased with the relaunch, and love what Rolf Gerdau has been faithfully bringing to the table; but we also don't want to lose quality as we press toward this mark! We are greatly excited, and hope you will take this journey with us!

The Shortbox

Rob-1The Shortbox

The Shortbox is a collection of digital mini-comics set within the Ideal Comics universe. It's filled with 8-10 page comics showcasing the heroes, villains, and stories of that make our universe unique. In essence, the Shortbox titles are akin to the backup features that used to run regularly in comics, and as such are also intended to be a place for new creators to show off their skills. More than that, The Shortbox is a place for you, the reader, to easily experience what Ideal Comics has to offer.  

Forces of Good and Evil

Forces of Good and Evil is Ideal Comics's flagship webcomic, running off and on since January 2006. Originally written and drawn by Christopher Lawton and Mathew D. Rhys, in recent years, the artistic duties have (thankfully) been assumed by real artists, Joseph Carradine and Barry Tetz. Click here to visit the Forces of Good and Evil page. Alternatively, you can click here to start at the beginning.

Zing Comics #1

zing A 64-page anthology featuring seven stories that span over 60 years of Ideal Comics history. From the origin story of the heroic Al Djinn through the adventures of the horribly misguided Night Terror II, you'll find something you love within these pages. Outside of that, you'll learn a bit more about the Escher's World universe and what it has to offer. Featuring:
  • Christopher Lawton
  • Mathew D. Rhys
  • Barry Tetz
  • Aaron Archie
  • Cary Baker
  • Brian Lue Sang
  • Fabrizio Pacitti
  • Amy Reese
  • Russ Yocum
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