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Hey Kids! Comics!

heykidsHello, Internet! And welcome! I figure there are two kinds of folk reading this entry — f­olk who know us and love us, and folk who don’t know us from Adam, and hold us in the commiserate amount of apathy. That being the case, I reckoned it only appropriate to lead off with two introductions. It may or may not work, but there you have it. So, you might be asking, ‘What is Ideal Comics?’ And ‘Why should I care?’ If I can be allowed to address these questions with more gravitas later, I implore you allow the “Cliffs Notes” here. They might even serve as an informative prequel!

IC (as we lovingly call it around the IC offices) is a small press comic book company based out of Scottsbluff, in the picturesque High Plains of Western Nebraska. As a small company, we have a small, unpaid staff who, to a man, long for the day their work will no longer be unpaid. We are normal guys doing normal jobs, following a not so normal dream of making comic books that we would like to read—comics that can live up to the hype of our motto: ‘Everything Great About Comics!’ It may sound like hyperbole, but our staff holds to a dream. And to address that dream, and our story, I will start with my own, called:

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