Here at Ideal Comics, we want to celebrate the life blood of our company, specifically the contributors. Here, you will find all of the information you need on the writers and artists that make our company great. And, since we're all kind of like a family here, you should definitely check out what else the contributors have to offer outside of Ideal Comics.
Cary Baker
Cary Lee Baker is a small press comic book artist, writer, art director, and publisher. Cary entered the small press field by doing art work for Ideal comics, Approbation comics, and then helped form Pantheon Inc, a non-profit small press comic book group created to educate and eventually publish up and coming talent. Pantheon Inc, has published two comic books under the Pantheon comics banner, and a third comic book is due to be published soon.

In 2013 Cary and his wife Laurel formed their own small press comic book company, 3rd Planet Media, Llc - 3PM Comics. The first comic book from 3PM will be Sci-Borg Juice, a sci-fi, fantasy, horror anthology graphic novel, due for an October 2014 release.

Cary's artwork can be found not only on the Ideal Comics homepage, but also in Zing Comics #1.
Dr. Russ Yocum is an Associate Professor of Graduate Education, instructing doctoral students in the qualitative and quantitative research methods needed for completing their dissertations, along with some teaching methods courses. Russ's research agenda focuses mainly on spirituality in education, his research has been published in the journal Religion & Education and he has presented his research at a variety of academic venues including an upcoming presentation at the 5th Oxford Education and Research Symposium. Russ has enjoyed comics and art since his childhood, his preferred medium is pencils but he dabbles in other media including inks, charcoal, pastels, acrylics, watercolor, and oils.

Russ's artwork can be found not only on the Ideal Comics homepage, but also in Zing Comics #1.