What's here, you ask? Well, here you'll find all of the parts of our site that don't really fit anywhere else. Most of the stuff on this page is archived from our Facebook page, so if you want to see this stuff as we release it, you should really just follow us.  

Ideal Comics History

The Ideal Comics history contains over 80 years of interesting locations, characters, and stories. To keep it all straight, we often have to enlist the help of the characters that exist within that universe. For example, Greg Mason is a huge nerd, so we asked him to share some of his history papers for your perusal. We think he just wanted to show off his A+'s.

What a nerd.



With a few different artists at our disposal, we like to see them offer up interpretations of our characters. If you would like to have some artwork featured on our Extras page, be sure to email us!

 Fans First Podcast

Occasionally, the Ideal Comics guys get together to discuss the week's happenings in nerd culture. Join us as we make continual fools of ourselves, especially Barry, as he drinks more and more as the hour progresses.

Ideal Comics Encyclopedia

With so many different characters and locations, we thought it would be a good idea to create an encyclopedia to help keep them straight. Expect updates to this encyclopedia on a regular basis until we run out of items of interest. Of course, by then, we'll have created a million new things to write about. It's a never-ending cycle, is what we're saying.