Submissions Information

Features Submissions

Here at Ideal Comics, we want to encourage the interaction of our readers within the community we’re building. Because of that, we invite you to send us pieces for our Features section. You can write a review or column about anything related to 'nerd-tainment' culture, and that includes the broad spectrum that is nerd culture. If you want to write us a review of an album by an independent punk rock band that sings songs about Captain America, we’ll take a look. If you want to submit an essay about how Firefly and Star Wars are basically the same story, we’ll take that as well. We were fans first, and we’ve created this site to connect to fans like us. To submit articles for the blog, please send a 100-word proposal to We will then contact you if we would like the full piece. Please do not send your entire file unsolicited, because we’ve been on the Internet long enough to know that you should never open files that you didn’t ask for. If we receive one, it will most likely end up in the recycle bin.

Comic Submissions

While we love our blog, and we want to make something special there, our first love and desire will always be to publish comics. Because of that, we are offering you the opportunity to publish original comic stories through Ideal Comics’ Shortbox. If you haven’t read the Shortbox, it is a collection of eight to ten page comic stories set within the universe of Ideal Comics. We have a massive universe with over 80 years of history with plenty of room to grow. We should be able to find a place to fit almost any story. Keep in mind that when you join an original universe, there are legal logistics to work out, which we will gladly discuss with you. We believe whole-heartedly in creator-owned rights, and we do our best to come to a mutually-beneficial agreement for all involved. We started this company because we wanted to publish cool stories, so that’s all we’re out to do. We aren’t going to take you for a ride, or steal your creations, or your intellectual properties. We only want to publish good stories. For interested artists, please send either two to three pages of sequential art, or a link for an online portfolio, to for consideration. For interested writers, please contact us at for a submission packet that has some supplemental information about our universe. Thanks, IC Editorial Crew