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Ideal Comics Jam Nov 11 2018

Hello, Internet, and Happy Wednesday! It is a pretty big-deal kind of a day at the IC home office, and we woke to the first winter snow-fall! Of course, we knew that going in, as the snow Started falling while we were Recording our weekly “Ideal Comics Jam,” our weekly staff meeting! We, in one form or another have been meeting weekly to hang out, shoot the breeze, and make comics since 2004, and we decided to invite you all, the fans, into the fun. Starting next week, we will be streaming live over on our Patreon. Yeah, that’s right! We have a Patreon! We will still be sharing free content here, and over at Forces of Good and Evil, but Patreon will be the exclusive home for future video products such as the “Jam” and Live Q&As, as well as the upcoming New webcomic “Joe Jobs. “Patrons” will have access to our back-issue catalog, either in print or physical editions, and upcoming projects, as part of their patronage Of course, if you are just interested in checking our our books, feel free to check out our ComixCentral store (everything is free until Thanksgiving! Well I suppose that is all there is to say today! See you  in the funny papers!