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Quarterbin Follies #19: Hitman: A St. Paddy’s Day Special

Hitman1Hello, and a happy St Padraig’s Day to you all! St Patrick’s Day celebrates the death of the be-loved Romano-British Christian missionary to the Emerald Isle, and is at its heart a religious observation (I wrote more about that here). But here in America, the day doubles as a day of remembrance of all things Irish. In honor of that, I really wanted to cover a comic that reflected Irish or Irish-American culture.

While Scotland can boast some pretty hefty comic book connections (Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, Mary Jane Watson, etc. Even –gasp–Grant Morrison!), Ireland’s representation is somewhat less, especially in the books I have ready access to review. (I have already written about all the Banshee books I have!) Who should swoop in to rescue but Christopher Lawton, who returned to mind my favorite Irish-American character, Tommy Monaghan. Who is Tommy Monaghan? Why, Hitman, of course — DC’s infinitely more appealing answer to The Punisher. Continue reading