Irish Mythology

Quarterbin Follies #19: Hitman: A St. Paddy’s Day Special

Hitman1Hello, and a happy St Padraig's Day to you all! St Patrick's Day celebrates the death of the be-loved Romano-British Christian missionary to the Emerald Isle, and is at its heart a religious observation (I wrote more about that here). But here in America, the day doubles as a day of remembrance of all things Irish. In honor of that, I really wanted to cover a comic that reflected Irish or Irish-American culture. While Scotland can boast some pretty hefty comic book connections (Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, Mary Jane Watson, etc. Even --gasp--Grant Morrison!), Ireland's representation is somewhat less, especially in the books I have ready access to review. (I have already written about all the Banshee books I have!) Who should swoop in to rescue but Christopher Lawton, who returned to mind my favorite Irish-American character, Tommy Monaghan. Who is Tommy Monaghan? Why, Hitman, of course -- DC's infinitely more appealing answer to The Punisher. Continue reading