“What Home Means to Me: Home is Gratitude” by Gerdau

What Home Means to Me_Gerdau

Our own Rolf Gerdau recently took first place in a local art contest with this info comic. A neat and insightful piece, Rolf uses an almost whimsy parallelism to discuss the very serious ideas of home, contentment, and satisfaction in frank but inclusive terms. Everyone, rich or poor, is challenged to take a hard look at themselves, their assumptions, and their perceptions of those around them. We are proud to showcase it here, and you can read more about the piece and the contest here. And be sure to follow Rolf’s work over at the Forces of Good and Evil!

(Comic/Artwork is the property of Cirrus House, Inc. Used with permission)


Since I’ve Been Gone

summer comicsHello, hello, Internet and Ideal Comics faithful! I know it has been several months since you last heard from me. And though I have been away from the keyboard I have not been idle. I’m sorry, what is that? What was I doing? Well, I reckon I do owe you something–some frail thread of explanation or excuse. In short, I have been busy.

So the last time I was here, I had just returned from ‘Free Comic book Day’ with a stack of comics six inches deep, including 45 free comics and a few not-free ones. While I am still trying to work through the freebies, i have had a great time with several of the DC Convergence titles, especially Aquaman and Batgirl featuring Steph Brown (some day I will write about Steph Brown but not today); as well as Lucas/Disney/Marvel‘s Kanan: The Last Padawan! Continue reading


QuarterBin Follies #22: Nebraska

Happy Friday, and before you ask, I am not Chris Lawton. I know, I know, ‘it’s Friday!’ ‘You’re supposed to do Mondays!’ ‘What did you do to Chris?

Chris is fine. Trust me.

Life just happened, as it does, and he asked if I could fill in. Well, as it happens, I missed my column on Monday, so I had material to work from!

If you have ever read my column before, you are likely familiar with my formula. With ‘QuarterBin Follies’, I mostly use my time to yammer-on about my love of old comics, and the weird-and/or-wonderful places I find them. ‘The Hunt’ I like to call it. Well, this is a little different. See, Last week, I took a trip. This is about that trip. Mostly. Continue reading