Into the Wild Blue Internet EP by SpaghettiLord1010


It’s Spring Break 2005, and Mathew Turner, the techno-heroic GameBoy, doesn’t want to go home. And why would he? He can go anywhere the internet is!

Join along with GameBoy on a wild internet adventure with this new chiptune EP by SpaghettiLord1010 based on the comic from Ideal Comics!

AND enjoy the comic in .PDF for free!

Cover by Taliesin Reese

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Enjoy this 4-track EP by SpaghettiLord1010:

  1. Unexpected Results_SLOW
  2. Drama Dream
  3. Unsettling Thoughts
  4. Unexepected Results (GameBoy’s Theme)

As well as a free copy of the .PDF by Chris Lawton and Mathew D. Rhys.

Cover by Taliesin Reese


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