Mark Question in “Lord of the Shoes”


Mark Questin was a private dectective. Just a normal guy with a normal firm—looking for runaways and domestic cases. But Mark has one special field of knowledge—he is an expert in folklore and the occult. He gets the wierdest cases, and is known as Mark Question—Paranormal Investigator.

When Mark gets a call on a murder/suicide, he knows something is fishy. There are few clues, and fewer unanswered questions; and the only thing different is an unusual anonymous Renaissance painting.


Written and (mostly) drawn on a Saturday in 2009, “Shoes” began as jam comic experiment: can four webcomickers make a 12 make comic in 8 hours? We could not, and this project was in limbo for the next decade. Now, completed, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Mark Question Case File: “The Lord of the Shoes” by Chris Lawtonand Mathew D, Reese. Art by Lawton, Rhys, Barry Tetz, and Joe Carradine. Page Nine by Taliesin Design by Mathew D. Rhys


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