Z-Bites #1 HPMC Exclusive Edition



One morning, on a day like any other, the dead began to rise. Is it VooDoo? An alien virus? The Radiation? Who knows!? But the US military is on the job to keep is quiet while alone scientist tries to figure out a cure.

All Leopold knows is that he doesn’t like what he sees, Or would see, if he could just find where he left his head.


This Special Edition of Z-Bites #1 was printed in VERY low numbers as an exclusive for the 2020 High Plains MiniCon. The first Ideal Comics edition, it has additional content compared to the previous printings of Z-bites. It is also the last edition ever of Z-bites in it’s original form, as we will be releasing a remastered edition in 2021! Own a piece of history!

Five copies will be available here on he store!


Additional information

Weight .21 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 20 × 2 cm


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