About the Team

Mathew D. Rhys – Architect, Co-Founder

Writer, Continuity Supervisor, Editor, and Ideal Comics co-founder, Mathew D. Rhys has been writing super-hero fiction since high school. A former staff writer for the fan-magazine, Fanzing, he wrote for the eight issues prior to the magazine’s cancellation. During that time, he acquired 17 separate by-lines on both articles and stories. In addition to this, he has completed five other short stories, numerous comic books scripts, and one novella. Chris Lawton and Rhys founded Ideal Comics in 2005. He is not as much a fan of brevity as it seems.

Rhys also hosts a weekly YouTube comics-and-culture talk show called The Mattriachy.

Christopher David Lawton – Script Supervisor, Co-Founder

Christopher David Lawton started writing comic books when he was 17 years old. That’s when his friend, Mathew D. Rhys, said they should write some funny books together. Since then, he has written numerous scripts that will never see the light of day and drawn a few pages that should never have seen the light of day. Outside of his comic work, he has worked as a professional writer for over ten years, working as a journalist, editor, game reviewer, and essayist. Outside of Ideal Comics, he formerly wrotes the gag-a-day webcomic, Penguins With Baseball Bats, which is drawn by his fellow Ideal Comics cohort, Barry Tetz.

Chris blogs about video games, as well.

Barry Tetz – Lead Artist

Barry met the Ideal Comics crew at the wee age of 27, when he picked up all of his stuff and moved half-way across the country to the sleepy town of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Shortly after meeting the guys, he was drawing short comic stories, including “The Eagle and the Sea” and “First Day,” both of which are featured on the Shortbox. Since that time, he has continued to work with Ideal Comics, eventually finding his way to the top of the company as a co-owner. Outside of working on comics, he enjoys sports, movies, video games, and books, and he is always quick to share his opinions. He also started the gag-a-day webcomic, Penguins With Baseball Bats with fellow Ideal Comicker, Chris. He also claims to be Iron Man, though those claims are unsubstantiated and most likely greatly exaggerated.