New and Updates: Ideal Comics on the Web

New and Updates: Ideal Comics on the Web

January 17, 2021 0 By Mathew D. Rhys

Welcome to 2021, folks! Work at the IC home office has been overshadowed by the Holiday season and a plumbing event I’d rather not discuss today. Now, don’t think that means we have been idle! The comics are still going on!

Last month, you might have noticed that we have relaunched Forces of Good and Evil on the Webtoon platform. These are newly colored pages, and we will be updating just about weekly! It will take a while to get the full story up there, but I have been really enjoying getting our longest story ready for a whole new audience.

And that’s not all! While we are still–albeit slowly–working on updating and restoring the homepage here. We had been planning on rebuilding our mini-comic site The ShortBox. But, sadly, our current format makes that quite difficult. And of course, web design is not my weapon of choice. That would be whiskey.


In December, we learned about a new platform for online comics: GlobalComix is a flexible platform open to indy and amateur creators that allow for both free and pay-per-page comics! We have moved some of our ShortBox content, as well as Joe Jobs and a few mini-comics! More news is on the horizon!

Until next time–Happy Reading.