ICYMI–Quarterbin Follies #32: Takes a Miracle

ICYMI–Quarterbin Follies #32: Takes a Miracle

May 18, 2016 0 By Mathew D. Rhys

In Case You Missed It, back in December, I mentioned that I was moving “Quarterbin Follies” off site. I was offered a spot over at Gaming Rebellion, and it seemed like a great venue to rant about the hits and misses of the stacks of comics in my file cabinets.

Now, I am not going any where. You will still find me puttering about the Ideal Comics offices, muttering about continuity and symbolism; it is only that the GR guys offered me a hell of a soapbox. (Though I ought to climb on top more often.) Nevertheless, I didn’t want to leave behind any folks that might watch this space; so without further ado, a live teaser for “Quarterbin Follies #32: It takes a Miracle”

Today’s story begins at the end. The very end.


Jack Kirby, when working with Stan the Man on The Mighty Thor, well, Kirby decided to go out with a bang. In a series of back-ups called “Tales of Asgard” Kirby laid out the end of Asgard and the House of Ideas’ Aesir, as he adapted Ragnarok for the 616. This was “prophecy,” a fore-telling from the mind of the King, rather then the direction Marvel editorial would have one of their stars go. And so it came some half decade later, when Kirby left the Bullpen for a spot at the DC (then National Publications) table.

And so, in the mind of Kirby, the Norse gods fought the final battle, a battle with no winners–a battle so bloody, so brutal, that the world was un-made and begun again, and that was the beginning of The Fourth World