Al Djinn

Al Djinn

September 5, 2014 1 By Mathew D. Rhys

When failed businessman turned archaeologist Sam Parker found an unremarkable oil lamp in a hole in Iran, he never imagined it would so change his life. It was that lamp that transformed him into the magical and mighty Al Djinn. Though his career was short, Al Djinn’s legacy as the first and best hero has cascaded down throughout history. Based in New York City, He became the inspiration for heroes such as The Night Terror, the first Gamesman, The Tommyknocker, and a slew of others throughout the Golden Age. His career came to an end in 1940 when he gave his life to stop the detonation of an early Atomic Bomb.

The Lamp gave Djinn the abilities of Flight, Transmutation, Super-Strength, and simple Spell-Casting, as well as altering his appearance; but he had to stay in physical contact with the lamp at all times. During his career, he battled the likes of wizards, Mephistopheles and Black Magus;  international crime lords like The Shah and Bender Rubric; and ‘super villains’ like Two-Tone Johnny.

Stories featuring Al Djinn can be found in Zing Comics #1, currently available in digital on The IC Store.

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys
Designed by: Russ Yocum
Image by: Cary Lee Baker
Cover Image by: Brian Lue Sang