November 1, 2014 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Sometime in the ancient past, among ancient peoples of Earth–amongst the giants, the trolls, the Atlanteans–there were the Danaans. Named for their first queen, the Danaans live on what would someday be called the British Isles. There they prospered and flourished until conflict with the migrating Celts drove them underground and into the trans-dimensional ‘Otherworld’. And there they stayed, largely uninvolved in the history of Earth until August of 1940. Among the Danaans was Brigid. Brigid of Fire and of Healing, of passion and compassion alike.

During the Bombing of Britain, elderly Irish native Maggie O’Carol, learned in the old folkways, called through the aether to bring Brigid back to our world. It was not long after her arrival that the demigod chose to take up arms to quell the chaos of WW2. With her super-human strength and speed, her ability to control flame, and her healing powers, Brigid was a warrior to be reckoned with. In short time, she helped the Brits fend off the German assault, and in doing so, she gained the attention of fellow UK’er, Vickers. Together, these super-human warriors approached the Foreign Legion, a cabal of American super-heroes dedicated to ending the War.

Together the Foreign Legion fought for the next three years and, along side the Allied forces, brought the conflagration to a hasty end. After the fighting ended, and spurred on by the alien Golden Rapid, the Foreign Legion repurposed themselves to repair the land and educate the people of the war-torn world. In was only one year into this process that Brigid, overcome by longing, made her way home. On October 31, 1944, Brigid vanished from our realm, returning to her Otherworld.

Brigid appears in Zing #1!

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys
Designed by: Cary Baker and Mathew D. Rhys
Image by: Barry Tetz
Cover image by Baker, Colors by Rhys