Buckskin Boone

Buckskin Boone

January 7, 2018 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Buckskin Boone was born in in the middle of a tornado out in the barren Wyoming prairie. Born from the Boones of St Charles Co. Missouri and old Kentucky, and from stout Welsh and Cornish stock. Raised largely off the grid, Boone spent his youth hunting jack rabbits and coyotes; and running with antelope and bison, and even the mythical jackelope!

Boone remained unschooled for many years, learning the ways of the land-of it floura and fauna and the voices on the wind. Eventually, the truancy officer caught up to him, and off to school he went.

Like Boones from olden days to now, Buckskin was born with an incredible toughness; and so it went entirely unnoticed that when he manifested superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. That is until he signed up for Junior High football and the other players were unable to lift him from the ground. Shortly thereafter, Buckskin found himself being sent away to the Jack Cole school!

Buckskin Boone is an expert tracker, and though he has a reputation for being a little slow, he actually speaks several Native American languages and has even been known to solve the occasional mystery!

Boone’s man adventures began in the Forces of Good and Evil.