Demon Priest

Demon Priest

February 26, 2021 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Kevin’s father is an Anglican vicar. His mom is a demon. They somehow make their marriage work, despite her being a Southern Baptist. Demon Priest grew up in an all-American household that Charles Addams would have found unsettling. Routine trips to Grandpa’s included ethereal trans-dimensional travel to the netherworld called Faux-Hell. How do you deal with family values like that?

Born with an affinity for magick and a mastery over hellfire, Kevin was drafted as a freshman into super-villain high school at the Midwest Villain Institute, which is the perfect way to thumb his nose at his dad, much to Mom’s chagrin.

Demon Priest’s first appearance is here.

He takes the spotlight for this story

Created by: Christopher David Lawton; Mathew D. Rhys
Designed by: Christopher David Lawton
Image by: Sprited
Cover image by: Christopher David Lawton; Matthew D. Rhys (colors).