El Hidalgo

El Hidalgo

June 7, 2016 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Descended from the old Dons of Spanish California, Vince Martinez has roots in Presidio that are deeper than America’s.  Vince grew up the only child of aged parents, and at his father’s knee he heard the family stories of the old times, of Dons and slaves and free-men. And of the Hidalgos, Spanish noblemen of low rank and low wealth like the legendary Don Quixote.

When Vince was 15 years old, two events radically changed life: his powers of great strength and near-limitless toughness emerged, and he lost his parents. The sole inheritor of a substantial fortune, Vince traveled the world, learning skills from the world’s masters. He returned to Presidio five years later; and taking the name El Hidalgo, he became a hero of the every-men in his home city.

Eschewing his comfortable upbringing, Vince made his home among the Neighborhoods. As El Hidalgo, he was as likely to fight villains the like of El Chupacabra or Mad Kokopelli; as he was to arrange a food drive or help an old woman fix a screen door.

As his career progressed, Hidalgo be came disenchanted with the lives and foibles of other heroes, as well as coming to feeling his wide profile was placing common folks in peril. He retired from costumed heroing in 1984.

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys
Designed by: Russ Yocum
Image by: Barry Tetz
Cover image by: Mathew D. Rhys