January 27, 2015 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

James Warner grew up poor. He loved books and loved studying, which led to a heightened deductive reasoning. He wanted to go to college, but unable to afford it, chose to join the military to gain an education. During training, he learned that he had super-strength and near invulnerability. This he kept a secret. James joined the US Field Constabulary, trained as an investigator and interrogator, but was “less than honorably discharged” from the service when his secret was discovered.

After seven years in the Army, James spent months unable to find work in the civilian world. James just wanted something different. He found that something different when he signed a contract with the security firm, Remus Corp, in Fremont City, Colorado. While he expected a simple job working security at local businesses, he got much more than he expected. Before he knew it, he was given a suit and assigned a sector of the city to patrol as the Expositioner, a masked crime fighter contracted to assist the Fremont City Police Department in keeping the city clean.

His life as a crimefighter was turned upside down, however, with the death of his father. Ignoring the orders of his superiors, he independently pursued the investigation, losing his job in the process. He now continues to patrol the city and fight crime, though without the protection and assistance offered by his previous position. He is assisted in this fight by Henry Turner, the second Gamesman, who had hung up his mask decades earlier.

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Created by: Christopher David Lawton

Designed by: Barry Tetz and Mathew D. Rhys
Image by: Rico Cobos and Barry Tetz