January 25, 2015 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Third in his family legacy, Mathew Turner has the ability to phase into, live in, and manipulate any electronic medium, from literally playing video-games in first person to actually living a week on Gilligan’s Isl// $%*#(@ – #($*#(@@!!! //



there. that’s better. hi, i’m gameboy. lol. i’m pretty much the coolest guy you’ll ever meet, and for that, you should feel honored to even meet me. i dont usually invade personal computers, but when i heard that those llamas at ideal comics were trying to write a bio about me, i knew i had to step in. you know, let you know the truth. the real deal.

so, let me tell you about me. i’m a student at the jack cole institute of superheroics, and pretty much run things there. everytime i walk down the hall, the other kids are all like, ‘hey theres gameboy. he’s so cool.’ and all the girls are like, ‘oh gameboy. let me have your babies.’ lol. i dont really like school, though. i mean i’m pretty advanced, so i get bored easily. ive already stopped like fifteen villain plots this year alone. this one time, this troll thought he could get the best of me, but i showed him. i infected his computer with a virus that has pretty much destroyed his chances of ever getting on the internet again. lol. worst. punishment. ever.

of course, my heroic skillz are great, but theyre nothing compared to my skillz with a controller. ive been playing games my entire life, and i’d rather chill in a digital world than the real world any day. if you ever want to be embarrassed, find me on xbox live and we’ll rumble. dont be a whiny tool, though. i hate playing with whiny tools.

anyway, i gotta go. if you want to follow my adventures, check out forces of good and evil. you can also follow me on twitter for more hilarious hijinx.

bonus: spaghettilord1010 wrote an ep about my awsome adventures.


Created by: Mathew D. Rhys and Christopher David Lawton
Designed by: Christopher David Lawton and Mathew D. Rhys
Image by: Christopher David Lawton and Mathew D. Rhys