Golden Rapid

Golden Rapid

September 3, 2016 1 By The Ideal Comics Team

It was the year 1939, and war had again come to Europe as Germany flexed it’s muscles and Hitler lead his people into his increasingly totalitarian and racist dream. Across the World, much of America stood on the knife’s edge between a fragile recovery and poverty, between law and crime, between peace and violence.

Into such an America came a man from the sky. Out in distant space sat the planet Aquarius, and it’s amphibious leaders had watched and studied our planet. They had seed the colonial era and westward expansion. They had witnessed slavery and violence and war; and they now saw that the human race had again set itself on a road to cataclysm. Into this maelstrom of ideas, the Aquarians sent a messenger of peace and of voluntary cooperation—a champion possessed of un-paralleled speed—a man named Mar Yam-Llyr.

In a golden rocket, he blasted through space and through time, Mar Yam-Llyr landed in Presidio, CA, and quickly found himself numbered among the first ranks of mystery men under the code name The Golden Rapid. Along with his compatriots in the Foreign Legion, the Rapid defended the shores of America before joining the fray of WWII.

After the end of the war, the Golden Rapid and the rest of the Legion traveled the world, using alien technology to heal the land ravaged by the war, teaching the people to live all the better off the land. When he was not abroad, The Rapid made his home in Presidio, California where he trained local boy Gil Henderson as a side-kick.

In 1951, Yam-Llyr received a panicked communication from Aquarius, stating that the planet was in danger. Boarding his rocket, he left earth behind…

The Golden Rapid is featured in both Zing #1 and #2, available in digital.

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys; Christopher David Lawton
Designed by: Richard Depew; Matthew D. Rhys
Image by: Richard Depew; Matthew D. Rhys (colors)