September 22, 2020 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Brigette Ria Schwartz is a third generation hero.  Her grandmother was reformed villainess Medusa, whose own daughter fought crime as Godiva.  All three women possess Tricho-kinesis– control over their hair, able to manipulate its growth and movement.

In 2004, she transferred to the Jack Cole Institute of Super-Heroics as a HS sophomore. She graduated in 2007, attending university in Boston before getting a job as a special agent with the US government.

Rapunzel’s school-day adventures start here. One adventure with her as an agent is available on Globalcomix.

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys; Christopher David Lawton
Designed by: Mathew D. Rhys; Christopher David Lawton
Image by: Brian Lue Sang; Matthew D. Rhys (colors)
Cover image by Amy Fusco ; Matthew D. Rhys (colors)