The Immigrant

The Immigrant

September 5, 2014 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

The Immigrant made his appearance in a time of great need. In the Decade after the Cold War, America’s landscape changed dramatically. It was the coming of a new element, and new threat, the rise of the new super-villains. It would have been a great tragedy if not for Heroes like the new Gamesman or the High Plains Drifters. In Presidio, California, this unrest and change took the shape a conflict between a horde of Hippie youth and those they called “Squares.”  This would surely have led to violence if not for the appearance of the man called The Immigrant.

Appearing suddenly in 1974, The Immigrant quickly rose to prominence, both for his impassioned speeches about cooperation and social justice, as well as for his bold and swift defense of victims and apprehension of “hostiles.” By 1976, the Immigrant had facilitated a welcome and open peace between the Hippies and Suits, and he was actually elected Mayor by write-in in ‘78. Taking this as a sign, Immigrant left Presidio, taking with him his faithful companions, Uber-Mutt and the Invisible Hippie. Together they wandered the country before settling in Urbania, South Carolina in 1981.

The Immigrant has been Urbania’s premiere Hero from that time on, and he has become the center of Super-Hero activity the world over. He possesses super speed, flight, strength, night-vision, and super-breath. He can also cast lightning from his eyes.

Read Zing Comics #’s 1 & #2 to see The Immigrant in action!

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys

Designed by: Russ Yocum
Image by: Cary Baker