The Savage Norseman

The Savage Norseman

October 9, 2014 0 By The Ideal Comics Team

Sven Henricksen was just a skinny kid. Asthma. Scoliosis. Thin and Lanky. Nothing special. At least, until the day he visited a local RenFaire. There, he met a mysterious and disinterested performer. This haggard fellow promised young Sven a great prize if he were to complete seven mighty quests. Sven succeeded, and in return, he was given a magic cudgel. Holding the cudgel transformed Sven into a mountain of a man, giving him unparalleled strength and the ability to fly. From that day on he became the Savage Norseman, hero and defender of the downtrodden.

His power was not without cost, however, taxing heavily upon his psyche, and eventually shredding it to tatters. He experienced a hard psychotic break in 1998, and unable to control either his mind nor his power, The Savage Norseman retired to live out a quiet life as a perpetual mall ‘Santa’ in Rural, Wisconsin.

You can read about the Norseman’s origin story on Globalcomix. His Wisconsin adventures here and here.

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys
Designed by: Levi Irwin
Image by: Levi Irwin; Mathew D. Rhys (Colors)