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greg-masonJust your average boy-next-door, Greg Mason has gone by many names — wimp, doormat, bonehead — all of which were lovingly bestowed upon him by his best friend, Chad Little. All of that changed, though, when after taking a standardized aptitude test, Greg was placed in the Midwest Institute of Villainy. From there, Greg began his road to evil and debauchery. Mistake? That has yet to be seen.

Greg’s first year as a villain-in-training has been more than eventful. After being placed in the Mastermind program and receiving his own henchmen, Greg has fought bullies, super villains, and failing grades, all with the help of his foes-turned-friends, Tattoo, Demon Priest, and Lenny. While his placement in villain school came as a shock to many, the least of all himself, he has time and time again proven himself, surprisingly, to be a villain to be feared.

For more information on Greg, be sure to check out the webcomic, Forces of Good and Evil.

Created by: Mathew D. Rhys; Christopher David Lawton
Designed by: Mathew D. Rhys; Christopher David Lawton
Image by: Barry Tetz; Mathew D. Rhys (Colors)

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